The sound-absorbing panels Artè Need for the acoustic well-being of the Tolin di restaurant Padova

Il noise and reverb in restaurants these are increasingly topical issues nowadays. The customers of these places consider the acoustic comfort one of the key elements for a pleasant experience e prolonged over time.

For these reasons it is no longer possible to ignore this aspect, especially in those places, such as restaurants, where people talk to each other and it therefore becomes essential to guarantee easily understandable conversations, without the need to raise one's voice due to excessive reverberation.

These are precisely the considerations that were made by the owners of the Tolin butcher's restaurant Padova, who have decided to rely on DPS Solving Acoustic Division for improve acoustics of their local ed eliminate the annoying echo present inside.

The intervention had to take into consideration some important aspects:

  • La position of the panels on the wooden beams;
  • A particular one pay attention to the lighting system already present in the hall;
  • Consistency with the design of the restaurant.

To satisfy both the aesthetic needs that of performance was chosen Artè Need Ceiling Up, with application to the ceiling on the beams using magnets.


This choice pleased the owner, as the color of the covering fabric went perfectly with the existing beams, preserving the traditional style of the restaurant. The final result led to the creation of a pleasant effect of empty and full, particularly appreciated.

The customers of the restaurant liked it the final result also from the point of view of acoustic comfort: noise and reverb are gone, thus permitting a much more pleasant experience e comfortable.


The Artè Need sound-absorbing panels have proved to be extremely practical and versatile. Thanks to the various application solutions, these panels can find different ways of use: on the ceiling, on the wall, as well as on desks or booths.

I Arté sound-absorbing panels perfectly summarize the effectiveness combination between the features, Made in Italy aesthetics and craftsmanship.

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Intervention: Acoustic insulation of a restaurant

Client: Tolin butcher shop with kitchen

Intervention surface: Wooden ceiling with exposed beams (surface area of ​​about 50 m2)

Products used: Artè Need Ceiling Up (ceiling application onlle beams with magnets)



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