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Advanced solutions for high quality raised outdoor flooring

The Collections DPS Solving Flooring Division contain an extensive and deep range of supports and accessories for the construction of elevated floors capable of responding to every design requirement.
The Collections Flooring Division constitute a complete system for the construction of elevated floors, compatible with both ceramic, porcelain stoneware, standard or multi-format coverings, both with wood paneling, with versatile configurations for all application needs.
DPS Flooring Products

Elevated floors of quality

The expertise of DPS Solving in the field of raised floor solutions, it offers technologically innovative answers to market demands, increasingly oriented towards the high quality of products and their reliability.DPS Solving selects and uses only in its production cycle raw materials of the highest qualityin its production cycle, while the sophisticated, technologically advanced molding systems ensure maximum precision and reliability. 
DPS Flooring Room 1


Unique support in the world with Converter system to switch the functionality of the base from self-leveling to fixed.

DPS Flooring King


Exclusive fixed support with bi-material head and system of triple tabs always present on the head.

DPS Flooring Queen
DPS Flooring Room 2
DPS Flooring Room 3


Support with very low thickness with self-leveling head in bi-material, to raise floors starting from 12 mm.

DPS Flooring Junior


Fixed matrix support capable of raising outdoor flooring starting from 8 mm.

DPS Flooring Lord
DPS Flooring Room 4
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Line of accessories to create and complete the installation of raised floors, also with planks and multi-format.

DPS Flooring Tools


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Advanced solutions for elevated floors and acoustic comfort