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Jocket Setting Full
Jocket Head

Retractable fins

On the top of Joker there is an exclusive patented system of retractable flaps available in 2, 3 and 4 mm.

If necessary, with a simple pressure, the flaps fall under the support surface avoiding to remove them.

Double advantage in regulation

In addition to the possibility of classic regulation with the Power Key, the pedestal Joker can also be adjusted with a simple rotation of the base.

Jocket Power Key
Jocket Safety Lock

Double hooking

Double docking between base and extensions or among extensions: assembling Joker, the stability between the base and the PJS and PJL extensions is ensured by a double lateral hooking which guarantees the solidity of the chosen combination.

Daisy e Lucky

Exclusive compensators in the range Tools.

The segments of Lucky can be separated to compensate different heights, just as Daisy, a 1 mm thick rubber leveller, that can be installed, also acting as a noise absorber.

Daisy Lucky
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