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DPS Solving was born in 2015 from the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs who shared the same vision and with a deep knowledge of plastic molding processes in combination with other materials and target markets.
DPS Solving develops and offers advanced solutions forindoor and outdoor architecture, operating with its two divisions Flooring Division e Acoustic Division, respectively in the sector of supports for outdoor elevated floors and systems for sound absorption with a vocation for design
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DPS Company Amb 1

The Vision:
Think creatively, act concretely

The vision of DPS Solving it is realized through a modality of absolutely original thinking and development that unhinges the usual dynamics and revolutionizes the market.

The proposed solutions are the result of experimentation, research, methodical attention tovery high quality of processes and raw materials.

Anticipating customer needs

The mission of DPS Solving aims at the well-being, satisfaction and safety of its customers and users and pursues them by supporting and supporting its customers with targeted services, personalized advice and tools able to provide immediate and contextualized answers to the needs expressed.

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Exclusive solutions
for indoor and outdoor architecture

DPS Solving develops and realizes technologically advanced systems, with a very high degree of innovation, ranging from line of supports for outdoor elevated floors with exclusive patent, to Arté range of advanced acoustic comfort systems.

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Synergies for success

The latest generation production plant located in Cerreto d’Esi in the brands and an efficient logistic center a Cologna Veneta, DPS Solving it is structured to meet the demands of the Italian and international market promptly and effectively.

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A gateway to Europe

The headquarters of Cologna Veneta, with the logistic center with the capacity of storage of over 2000 square meters it is located in a strategic position to offer punctual and rapid services to the large commercial area of ​​reference.

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Sustainable production

The production center is equipped with a innovative molding plant of 2.700 square meters with low acoustic and environmental impact, with 9 production lines and 8 electric presses, capable of making 4 million pieces per year.

Technology and consulting

DPS Solving offers consulting services and digital tools to simplify the design and order definition phases. The company makes available dedicated software that can be used online such as the media configurator DPS Klik o the system for placing orders online and monitoring your account with purchase documents that are always available.

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Research for maximum security

DPS Solving directs its actions towards choices that favor respect and environmental sustainability and safety, both of its employees and of the installers, and of the end users. In fact, the solutions and systems of the range DPS Solving they are entirely designed to optimize processing and protect the safety of people.
Continuous research, laboratory tests and tests on materials and products are aimed at identifying solutions and giving applicative answers that facilitate the installation processes as much as possible by the operators and protect it safety against the main risks also during the entire life cycle of the product.

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