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Advanced solutions for furniture for the acoustic comfort of indoor environments

The Acoustics division was created to offer high-level technical and aesthetic solutions to the problem of acoustic reverberation in indoor environments, with the range of sound-absorbing panels and curtains Arté. With Arté DPS Solving Acoustics Division is the spokesperson of the Italian style in the world, with the highest quality solutions, for which only highly performing upholstery fabricsare used, through manual processes that bring the originality, the wisdom and the centuries-old experience of the master craftsmen into the production.

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Arté sound-absorbing panels

Arté is a complete range of anti-glare sound-absorbing panels designed and completely produced in Italy.

The craft production, the multiple application solutions and the high quality materials enhance the technical peculiarities of the sound-absorbing solution.

Arté sound absorbing curtains

Sound-absorbing curtains that arise fromartisan experience di DPS Solving for refined and discreet solutions to furnish and offer a high level acoustic comfort.

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Acoustic Division

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Advanced solutions for elevated floors and acoustic comfort