Dps Solving celebrate 2023 with Christmas lunch in the suggestive Genga Castle

On December 15th, a delicious company lunch, in a suggestive location in Genga castle, located in the fascinating hills of the Marche region. This event represented a unique opportunity to bring together the entire team Dps Solving creating an atmosphere of sharing and celebration during this special time of year.

During lunch, we had some celebrations important milestones that we have achieved as a company, with the opportunity to reflect on our path and the successes we have achieved to date which have allowed us to grow and become a company of great values, not forgetting ours main goal: exceed customer expectations, offering high quality solutions dedicating time and energy to meet their needs, continuing to invest in training and in development of our team, so that Dps Solving can continue to provide the maximum value and innovative products to our customers.

We also want wish all our customers and collaborators a peaceful Christmas and a happy new year, which is for everyone full of new opportunities and satisfactions

Thank you all those who have placed their trust in Dps Solving and for being by our side this year



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