On Friday 2 February, Dps Solving organized the first Training Center in the headquarters of Cologna Veneta. The event attracted installers and retailers interested in the product range Dps Solving, which were exhibited during the day, providing those present with a unique opportunity to become true professionals in the sector, capable of not only installing the products correctly Dps Solving, but also to advise its customers appropriately.

However, the most important aspect of the training center was the opportunity to learn through the various practical installation examples of the product range Dps Solving, because we strongly believe that theory provides the conceptual basis and guidelines for understanding a given topic, but it is through practical experience that real competence is acquired.

In the case of the outdoor raised access system, for example, theory can provide indications on how to design and install the system, but it is It's through experience that you learn the details and the nuances that make a construction site well executed.

In conclusion, the first day of the Training Center was a success and offered a valuable opportunity for broaden theoretical knowledge e gain practical experience in using the product range Dps Solving.

It is important to have a good theoretical knowledge base, but it is practical experience that allows you to become an expert in the outdoor raised sector.



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