Agents meeting Italy 2023

In the month of February, the corporate meeting of DPS Solving, which involved all the Italian agents.

The first day was held at the Borgo Lanciano Hotel & Resort in Castelraimondo. Here the whole team was able to relax and experience the Marche culinary tradition, before dedicating yourself to the deepening of the philosophy corporate and i production processes which underlie the success of DPS Solving.

The day began with a meeting at the hotel and a lunch which opened the ball and allowed all the agents to discuss and get to know each other better. In the afternoon the group moved to the wonderful Borgo spa, so that they could relax and recharge their batteries for the evening.

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During the dinner, where it was possible to taste a delicious menu based on typical Marche dishes, the following spoke:

  • Valentine Fish, Sales Manager Italy, who showed an analysis accurate gods corporate data, from the birth of the company to the present day;
  • Albert Coco, CEO DPS Solving, which presented the investments made in ultra-modern production systems e human resources;
  • Federica Veronese, Quality and Procedures Manager, who illustrated the certifications obtained and Work in progress.


The next day, the group moved on production site of Cerreto d’Esi, beating heart of DPS Solving. During the visit, the officers were accompanied in a training which allowed them to know the whole cycle which carries a product from the idea to its realization and, therefore, to the sale.


Thanks to the debate that arose, important comparisons on the design theme emerged and the phase preceding the creation of the mold was illustrated, with a particular focus on the technicality of injection moldingthus arriving at the creation of the finished product.

Finally, particular attention was paid to the state-of-the-art machinery present within the production site, which allow to obtain a efficient, modern and environmentally friendly production.


The meeting turned out to be a important moment of sharing common goals and values, highlighting all the passion and dedication which are hidden behind the hard work of DPS Solving.



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