Tools for the raised installation of 3 cm ceramic tiles

Completion details for laying the 3 cm flooring

The accessories Tools supplied with the support King, are already configured to create elevated floors with 3 cm thick plates:

The system Clip3 Up, Down, Wall and the profile Line3 (in smooth version) are designed to work with the highest thickness.

  • The exclusive hooks Clip3 Up and Down, fixed to the dry support by interlocking, respectively above the head and under the base of the King, are designed to create steps and curtain walls of high technical and aesthetic quality. The pair of clips bite the thickness of the strike plate, anchoring it firmly to the support and at the same time block the perimeter row of the plates, preventing them from sliding outwards, caused by walking.
  • The profile Line3, also designed to cover the thickness of the 3 cm plates, hides any cutting defects on the edge of the ceramic, avoids unsightly chromatic differences and offers an elegant and stylish finish to the step with the aesthetic freshness of the metal.
  • also the Clip3 Wall they are available in the format suitable for higher thicknesses, to complete the system in the points of proximity of the raised floor to the edges or perimeter walls. Their use helps to maintain the right distance of the perimeter plates from the walls, avoiding slipping against the wall, the cause of imperfections and probable cracks in the waterproofing turned up against the wall.

Installation advice: Even when using 3 cm plates, the application of the Shock protective film is recommended.King, before laying on the supports King. 

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