TLIX: new scenarios are opening up for the multi-format

New in the family Tools: arrive TLIX.

Last born in order of time, TLIX is the revolutionary novelty developed by DPS Solving for laying raised floors in plank and multi-format.

TLIX allows you to lay the metal understructure with great ease, precision, speed and maximum freedom of configuration of the metal joists, to support the surface finish, allowing you to freely choose both the format and the material.


10 cum laude in geometry!

TLIX is a polypropylene joint designed to connect Rail joists with any orthogonal crossing configuration. TLIX, in fact, it is able to join joists a T, L, I and X, securing them together in order to create a stable warping at a constant pitch.

With the new connecting joint TLIX the geometry of the metal understructure can be managed in total freedom, creating the frame that best suits the format of the plates, without any limit in the combination of different formats and allowing a saving in installation times even in the presence of plank format finishes.

The connecting joints TLIX they are able to give a constant step to the joists, who maintain the chosen position by speeding up the pose, therefore without approaching or moving away from each other.


Two formats, infinite solutions

TLIX it is available in two sizes, for joists 50 × 25 mm and 60 × 30 mm. TLIX it is equipped with hooks on 4 sides, designed to accommodate the Rail joists and join them orthogonally in the four aforementioned ways.

TLIX therefore, it brings together in a single product all connection options that may be required during laying, optimizing warehouse management and simplifying supply methods, with a single solution that replaces the purchase of four different items.



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