Raised floor supports Queen: original thought

Acclaimed al cersaie 2019 where it premiered, Queen is the new support for raised floors with fixed head, from the collection DPS Flooring, which has already been noted for its reliability, practicality, resistance and versatility.

Queen it is characterized by the exclusive system of triple polypropylene fins pre-carved, with three different thicknesses (2 mm, 3 mm and 4 mm), which is equipped with the head in bi-material, the latter produced in anti-noise and anti-slip rubber, with high heat resistance.

The exclusive triple fin system allows you to meet all installation needs with a single type of head, without variables related to the width of the joint. This allows you to simplify warehouse stocks and procurement phases.

queenThis system is designed to be able to form joints of various widths (2 - 3 or 4 mm), removing on the spot, if necessary, the fins of higher thicknesses. For example, to create 4 mm joints, the support is ready for installation; for 3 mm joints just remove the 4 mm fins; for 2 mm joints remove the two wider fins. The removal operation is quick and easy, manually or using common pliers, thanks to the pre-incision of the fins.

Fixed head, with unique ideas

Queen it is a support that comes with a fixed head and with one minimum cant height of just 21 mm, to get to his maximum extension a 234 mm without the use of extensions. The excursion of the screw of the support overlaps the next or previous measurement, offering ease of adjustment especially when changing the model of the support.

Thanks to the high quality polypropylene with which it is produced, the reinforced base and the very large screw diameter, Queen offers a load capacity higher than the average of the supports available on the market. The support is guaranteed for 5 years.

queen more

Surprising and decisive: the One and Only Queen

But the news of Queen don't stop there: its most striking feature is the extra component Queen Plus, which transforms Queen, from fixed support, in self-leveling, with self-leveling head capable of ccompensate the inclinations of the substrate up to 5%. Exclusive in its simplicity, practical in use, the element Queen Plus - sold separately - it is applied under the head of Queen, making it self-leveling. The supports Queen in the self-leveling version Queen Plus offer an extension that starts from 28 mm of the QP1 up to 241 mm of the QP5.

The supports Queen they are created to meet the needs of customers who are looking for only fixed elements and without movements; this simple technicality makes the Queen cheaper than the King, and pursuing the simple technique in favor of a cheaper product, the accessory came to life Queen Plus that, put under the head of the Queen, allows the support to be transformed from fixed to self-leveling, thus avoiding the need to stock both self-leveling and fixed supports.



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