KING is ready for the 3 cm challenge, and you?

Raising ceramic floors with a thickness of 3 cm is already possible with KING

King is the only support in the world for raised floors with self-leveling base and Converter system, designed to meet and win the 3 cm challenge.

Where the trends and technical needs of the market favor floors of increased thickness, such as 3 cm ceramic plates, supports King and supports Junior represent the ideal solutions in favor of this choice.

The supports King e Junior they are conformed, in their standard version, to be able to accommodate plates of 3 cm thickness or even higher. Their conformation and their technical characteristics allow the maximum freedom in the choice of the thickness, therefore of the weight, of the coating of the revêtement.

Supports King detail 3cm

Both types of support, King e Junior, in fact, present:

  • a high load capacity, far above the market average;
  • flexible rubber tabs, which resist shocks and movements of very heavy plates, during the installation phase, without being damaged;
  • the head in bi-matter, with an increased diameter, which offers comfortable support and the right grip to the plates, keeping them firm and stable in their position during installation and walking;
  • the reinforced fixing in nylon it guarantees easy adjustment even when the floor is completely laid, even with 80 × 80 cm formats;
  • thanks to the self-leveling base, the center of gravity of the weight on the support it always remains at the center of the King, offering maximum stability in any situation.



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