They are arriving…. the KING TOOLS!

Creation of steps for elevated floors with King tool

The range King is enriched with exclusives Tools, which will render the realization of all the details of your raised floor an authentic masterpiece.

King Tools


Let's find out today the functionality and elegance of the KING-KLIP and Profile KING-LINE in AISI 316 stainless steel, exclusive accessories for creating curtain walls and steps in elevated floors.

The pair of complementary hooks KING- KLIP UP and DOWN is designed to fit perfectly into the base and head of the supports KING, quickly and easily, without requiring screws or other fixings.

Le KING-KLIP they offer an excellent seal, avoiding the risk of slipping of the plates that form the step. The fixing system made with the KING-KLIP can be completed with the use of KING-LINE, the ashlar profile in AISI 316 stainless steel with anti-stagnation processing, which wraps the thickness of the rebate tiles, obtaining a finish with a refined touch.

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