Skudo: protective separator for laying supports for raised floors DPS Solving on waterproof and insulating packages

SKUDO is the solution of the range Tools with the function of separating the supports from the substrate and protecting the waterproof covering and the insulating package, designed to offer superior compressibility from Continuous Load “CC” and strut, acoustic insulation and durability over time.

Skudo Range

SKUDO is a thermoplastic rubber disc to be placed under the base of all the supports produced by DPS Solving, is equipped with a perimeter joint designed for attachment to the bases of the King and Queen. SKUDO was created to offer a functional and effective response to the need for separate the media for raised floors from the waterproof and insulating package, particularly suitable for use with synthetic sheath.

SKUDO protects at the same time reducing the noise from footsteps.

Skudo: versatile protection

Skudo is a separator element combinable with all supports of the collection DPS Solving Flooring Division, created for the needs of separating the laying surface from the PP of which the support is made. With the its containing flange, Skudo fits perfectly to the base of Queen need King following them in the case of maneuvers and movements supports during installation.

It can also be used with supports Junior e Lord despite the smaller diameter than the diameter of Skudo.

In the presence of a synthetic waterproof layer, Skudo protects the sheath from wear caused by the micro-movements of the PP supports during operation. Skudo maintains its characteristics over time, and is insensitive to temperature changes. It also has a high resilience: its plastic nature, not bituminous, offers high resistance performance to continuous load compression "CC", uniform over the entire surface.

Skudo with

Skudo offers excellent features of sound insulation, effectively interrupting any acoustic bridge.

Finally, its conformation favors the water outflow avoiding stagnation phenomena in contact with waterproofing.


The range Tools di Dps Solving Flooring division completes its proposal with separators Pad, circular elements made of high performance polymer bitumen membrane.

Also Pad, as Skudo, is applied under the base of the supports DPS Solving to create a separating layer from the waterproofing membrane and the insulating package, preserving the quality of the roofing over time.

Pad corrects the acoustic bridge that is created between the floor and the substrate, reducing the impact noise that would be transmitted to the underlying structure.
Pad, available in two versions with smooth or textured lower surface, it is rot-proof, dimensionally stable and root-resistant.




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