Shock Proof: patented protection for the reinforcement of ceramic plates for outdoor raised floors

The range Tools di DPS Solving was created to respond to the most common problems to which ceramic elevated floors are subject.

In particular, Shock Proof is the solution designed to offer reinforcement to ceramic plates intended for use in raised outdoor areas and to solve the problem of the very dangerous detachment of fragments ceramic, protecting the safety of people in case of breakage of the plates.

Shock Proof is a patented protective self-adhesive membrane, functional to the reinforcement of the plates, with results verified by passing the specific TEST of the “three hard body impact tests", According to UNI EN 12825: 2003 (documentation available on request)


Shock Proof consists of a three-layer multi-material membrane:

  • a highly adhesive layer for bonding to ceramic, protected by the removable film;
  • an intermediate layer formed by a bituminous compound high performance for a strong and secure grip;

an outer layer of HDPE which performs the function of "shock retarder", offering support in case of breakage of the tile



The hard body impact test: test passed with flying colors for Shock Proof

Shock Proof is the only protective reinforcement system that allows 2 or 3 cm thick ceramic plates, intended for use in raised floors, to pass the impact test of hard bodies carried out following the procedure described by the UNI EN 12825: 2003 standard.

Il test procedure is as follows: a steel tester with a mass of 4,5 (± 0,05) kg and with a hemispherical end of 50 mm, is passed inside a guide tube with a diameter of 5,5 cm and dropped on a test panel from a height of 60 (± 1) cm, on the following points:

- the center of the panel

- a point on the side of the panel chosen by the examiner

- 7 cm from a corner of the panel

Le ceramic plates on which it was applied Shock Proof have passed all three tests required by the test, without the detachment of any fragments from the membrane Shock Proof, following the impact in the three fall cases.

Shock Proof: ready-to-use solution

Shock Proof it is available in 7 standard sizes, square or rectangular, which follow the most common and widespread sizes of ceramic plates and planks. In this way you avoid as much as possible having to intervene with trimming on site: the adhesive membrane is ready for use.

Shock Proof is an exclusive system that is characterized by its great ease of transport, and which requires minimum effort for handling and installation. Furthermore Shock Proof it is very versatile, easy to manage, economical and ready to use. It can be applied indifferently in the warehouse or on site, using a simple silicone roller to make the adhesive adhere evenly. To view the entire sequence of installation, watch the video!

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