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Rubber insert designed for the total and non-draining closure of the joints between the plates. If combined with a polymeric sand, you can obtain elevated floors with closed joints with a grouted effect, always removable if necessary.
Surface tension

Due to the bevel of the plates, the water normally tends to generate a strong surface tension, creating a damaging stagnation. The polymeric sand used to fill the joints interrupts the surface tension of the stagnant water, accompanying its movement and allowing an easy flow along the perimeter of the flooring.

Solutions at your fingertips

A King support can be used to insert Rubber Sand inside the joints of the flooring. In this case, two opposite tabs are removed.

Avoid ice formation

By interrupting the surface tension of the stagnant water, you can avoid the formation of ice inside the joints.

Tools Code Size range (mm) Color Weight (kg) Boxes/ pallet Pallet size Pieces/ box Pieces/ pallet
SPACE RUBBER KTSPACER extension 5 Black - 128 - 250 (meters) -
Space rubber technical design


Space rubber mounted
Space rubber mounted

The seal in rubber SPACE RUBBER it is ideal to be inserted, with a simple pressure, between the plates of the raised revêtement, acting as a bed for the special polymer sand.

In this way elegant and practical floors are obtained with a non-draining “closed joint” aesthetic effect, previously unthinkable for elevated floors.

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