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The profile for boundless aesthetics

The profile SPACE METAL can be applied with the edge facing upwards, in order to fit perfectly on the rounded tabs of the DPS Solving supports.

SPACE METAL is a joint profile in stainless steel AISI 304 that can be applied to create absolutely original and functional joints for raised floors, always allowing the inspection of the soil.

SPACE METAL is inserted between the joints, produced by the 4 mm tabs of the head of the supports.

Rainwater flows easily through the holes in the profile, while residues of dirt, dust and foliage are held at floor level for easy removal.

Slope: It is advisable to give the flooring a slope of 0,5%.

Tools Code Size range (mm) Color Weight (kg) Boxes/ pallet Pallet size Pieces/ box Pieces/ pallet
SPACE METAL KSPACEMV 1200 Steel 0,12 124 80x120 - -
Space metal technical design


Space metal mounted
Space metal mounted

Using the profile Space Metal you get one elegant and refined metallic finish of the joints between the plates.

This type of drainage joint "Closed" prevents leaves from falling and other residues under the walking surface, simplifies the operations of floor cleaning, however allowing the regular water flow thanks to the holes present along the entire profile.

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