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Winning protection

SKUDO is a TPE rubber separator which, hooked under the base of the supports, concretely responds to the need to create a layer between the support and the waterproof package, especially if there is a synthetic waterproof package.

SKUDO protects the waterproof membrane and corrects the acoustic bridge created between the floor and the substrate.

In fact, it allows to reduce the impact noise that would be transmitted to the underlying structure, improving the acoustic insulation performance.

Tools Code Size range (mm) Color Weight (kg) Boxes/ pallet Pallet size Pieces/ box Pieces/ pallet
SKUDO KTSKDTPE extension Ø 200 Black 0,123 114 80x120x230 100 3000
TOOLS Skudo Design


Skudo tools mounted
Skudo tools supports
Skudo With

Also perfect with a cut base

Skudo it is equipped with a pre-cut that facilitates the cut with the cutter, in case it is used with media from base cut, optimizing the insertion of the Klip Down.

Its perimeter has some functional cracks for the outflow of water, avoiding stagnation.

Skudo final 2

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