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It is a patented self-adhesive protective membrane for ceramic plates intended for use in raised outdoor areas. SHOCK PROOF is the functional system for the reinforcement of the plates, with results verified by the PASSING THE TEST OF THE THREE IMPACT TESTS of hard bodies, according to the norm UNI EN 12825: 2003 (documentation available upon request).

Tools Code Size range (mm) Color Weight (kg) Boxes/ pallet Pallet size Pieces/ box Pieces/ pallet
SHOCK PROOF 20120 KSHK2120 20x120 Black 0,3 134 80x120 60 -
SHOCK PROOF 30120 KSHK3120 30x120 Black 0,5 134 80x120 42 -
SHOCK PROOF 40120 KSHK4120 40x120 Black 0,65 134 80x120 30 -
SHOCK PROOF 60120 KSHK6120 60x120 Black 0,95 134 80x120 21 -
SHOCK PROOF 6060 KSHK6060 60x60 Black 0,5 134 80x120 32 -
SHOCK PROOF 4080 KSHK4080 40x80 Black 0,65 134 80x120 18 -
SHOCK PROOF 8080 KSHK8080 80x80 Black 1,3 134 80x120 18 -
Shock proof technical design
Shock Proof is composed as follows:

1) Highly adhesive layer able to bond to ceramic, protected by a removable film.

2) High performance bituminous compound for a strong and secure grip.

3) HDPE layer with "shock retarder" function, offers support in case of tile break.


Shock proof mounted

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