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H 30 - 41mm

Power Key is the innovative ergonomic adjustment of the line Tools, designed for the adjustment of all supports of DPS Solving and made of highly torsion-resistant steel.

Power Key is formed from two elements: the handle and the flat cut coupling. 

The handle, thanks to the sliding bar, can be used both in T-position in that L-shaped position, depending on the need.

The graft fits into the handle and is secured to it by a lateral screw, which can be adjusted by a screwdriver with a flat blade thus creating a single body

The configuration of Power Key offers a great practicality and the graft is extremely easy to replace, in case it wears down

Tools Code Size range (mm) Color Weight (kg) Boxes/ pallet Pallet size Pieces/ box Pieces/ pallet
POWER KEY KTPOWKEY - Steel 0,145 120 - - -
POWER INSERT KTPOWINS - Steel 0,025 123 - - -
POWER UP KTPOW0UP - Steel 0,139 175 - - -
UP INSERT KTPOWUP4 94x4 Steel 0,019 175 - - -
Kit consisting of 1 Power Key + 1 Power Insert + 1 Up Insert
KTBOXPOW 216x150x29 Grey 0,48 123 - - -
Tools Power Key technical design
Tools Power Key technical design


Tools Power Key operation

Symmetrical "T" configuration

power key T configuration

Asymmetrical "L" configuration

Power Key L configuration
Tools Power Key operation
Power Kit

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