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Plastic Rail is the first beam in recycled extruded PVC, designed to create track understructure systems for versatile and lightweight outdoor raised floors.

The joist Plastic Rail matches all supports in the range DPS Solving, without the need to remove the spacer fins and without requiring the use of a dedicated head.

The particular shape of the beam, equipped with a double central fixing hook on the lower side, allows: Plastic Rail to hook onto the 4 mm thick fin of the underlying support.

Plastic Rail Supports e1706907718791
Plastic Rail Setting Large e1706907791414
Plastic Rail Drawing 1 e1706907829502

It is pointless to use the strength of aluminium where only a bond is needed.


Queen joist block

To hook the joist Plastic Rail to support Queenit is necessary to use and insert the rail blocking element in the center of the support, so as to make the understructure perfectly integral with the supports Queen.

Plastic Rail Drawing 2 e1706907866949
Plastic Rail Quad setting e1706907905387

Fast laying, without waste

Using plates equal to or greater than 40 cm, Plastic Rail provides for the systematic placement of a support at each plate angle

The length of 180 cm makes the bars more manageable and optimized for the installation of ceramics, and the flexibility of PVC makes it more practical to manage custom cuts on site.

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