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Windproof system in two steps

No-Wind is a universal system, compatible with all supports of the DPS Solving composed of only two elements, whose installation does not require additional processing, such as the dangerous milling of the plates and the gluing to the shatterproof systems.

No-Wind combines the exclusive black anodized aluminum joist Tekno Rail with the specials Clip Fit Ceramic or Clip Easy Ceramic, which work through effective binary coupling.

The Clip Fit are inserted into the joist and hooked inside the track: they hold the ceramic surface, avoiding the lifting due to the force of the wind.  With Clip Fit the flooring can be inspected simply by removing it with the help of an Allen key, without having to disassemble the entire portion.

In the case of Clip Easy the lowest part of the clip, in the shape of a half moon, allows insertion in any point of the joist Tekno Rail, without having to start from the ends: by rotating 90 ° it locks inside the track without additional fixings.


No-Wind System mounted
No-Wind System mounted

The strength of mechanical anchoring

Il No-Wind system it is easy to install and ensures, once installed, an effective one resistant to gusts of wind of medium and strong intensity. The joist Tekno Rail it is laid with the head of all the supports.

La Clip Fit patented, completes the system by simply and effectively hooking floors of any thickness.

No-Wind System mounted

Simplicity is its strength

Clip Easy is the coupling system designed for anchoring elevated floors, to be used in combination with the joist Tekno Rail.

Clip easy it is ideal for anchoring ceramic plates or planks with windproof function.

No-Wind System mounted

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