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The system No-Wind is easy to install and once installed it secures one effective resistance to medium and strong wind gusts.

The joist Tekno Rail is equipped with an exclusive conformation that allows it to be housed on the head of all supports of the DPS Solving Flooring Division.

In combination with supports Queen and Lord, Tekno Rail hooks firmly to the tabs, avoiding both the removal of residual tabs and the use of an ad hoc head. The joist is then installed with the standard head of the support. In combination with King e Junior, the joist is also hooked to a pair of fins in line, while the residual ones must be removed in advance.

The Clip Fit completes the system, hooking floors of any thickness in a simple and effective way, proof of extraction in the presence of gusts of wind. Clip Easy counteracts the action of the wind with simplicity and economy.

Tools Code Size range (mm) Color Weight (kg) Boxes/ pallet Pallet size Pieces/ box Pieces/ pallet
CLIP FIT 1 KTFITWOO Ø22 - Range: 12-18mm Steel - 160 - 192 - 100 -
CLIP FIT 2 KTFITCER extension Ø22 - Range: 20-26mm Steel - 160 - 100 -
CLIP FIT 3 KTFIT030 Ø22 - Range: 28-34mm Steel - 160 - 100 -
TOOLS Clip FIT Design


No-Wind System mounted
TOOLS Clip FIT Setting 1

The strength of mechanical anchoring

Il No-Wind system it is easy to install and ensures, once installed, an effective one resistant to gusts of wind of medium and strong intensity. The joist Tekno Rail it is laid with the head of all the supports.

La Clip Fit patented, completes the system by simply and effectively hooking floors of any thickness.

TOOLS Clip FIT Setting 2 full

Fixing of wooden floors

Clip Fit in combination with the joist Tekno Rail allows you to create raised floors in decking or outdoor parquet with any type of support from the collection DPS Solving.

TOOLS Clip FIT Setting 2

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