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the Converter system patented

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Warranty of 5 years manufacturing defects

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Extension of the support from 21mm to 234mm

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Head in bi-material in anti-noise and anti-slip rubber

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3 fins in polypropylene pre-carved with thickness of 2, 3 and 4 mm

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Flow over 1800 kg

Queen More

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The head of the stand Queen can assume self-leveling ability with the application ofadditional element Queen More, which increases the heights of the queen di 7 mm, proposing an overall range from 28 to 241 mm.

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The patented system of triple rounded tabs

The triple fins, in thicknesses 2-3-4 mm is designed to be able to train joints of various widths, removing, if necessary, the unused fins. To realize 4 mm joints the support is ready for installation; for 3 mm joints just remove the 4 mm fins; for 2 mm joints remove the two wider wings. The removal operation is quick and easy: manually or using common pliers, thanks to pre-incision of the fins.

Valuable details

The basis of Queen does not damage the sheath even with a cut base.

The base bottom presents rounded edges and wide pre-cutouts anti breakage, waterproof mantles. The surface is printed with i identification codes with the dimensional parameters of the support, both in fixed and self-leveling mode.

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Basic difference

The basis of Q1 it is characterized by the passing structure under the screw. This trick allows you to minimize the height of the stand, which starts from 21 mm. The other formats of Queen, from Q2 to Q5, have a hole in the center of the base that allows the water to flow out. The thread of all bases is always teacher, in favor of an effective and tenacious reach in all situations.

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