The advantages of the Lord

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DPS Solving LORD Advantages 1
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the Converter system patented

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Warranty of 5 years manufacturing defects

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Compensates for the 8mm height and is implementable of 4mm per step

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Head in bi-material in anti-noise rubber with high heat resistance

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3 fins in polypropylene pre-carved with thickness of 2, 3 and 4 mm

Lord Compensator icon Lucky

Compensator Lucky in TPE usable with all media in fixed mode

Patented triple fin system

The top of Lord is equipped with the patented system of triple polypropylene fins, pre-cut for easy removal.

Depending on the thickness of the joint to be made, the fins with a higher thickness are removed. In the case of 4 mm joints, the support is ready for use.

DPS Solving LORD Advantages 2
DPS Solving LORD Advantages 3

The extension of Lord

Made exclusively combined polypropylene, rich in elastenes, able to combine properties of high resistance and adaptability to all types of substrates. The support withstands both climatic excursions and footfall and continuous load stresses (CC).

Lord + Extension:
modular system for raising

To increase the thickness of Lord 8 mm is sufficient overlap one or more extensions of 4 mm.
Overlapping is recommended up to n. 3 Extensions.
For higher heights it is preferable to use supports Junior J2 or Queen Q1.


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