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DPS Solving King Advantages 1
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the Converter system patented

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Warranty of 5 years manufacturing defects

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Extension of the support from 30mm to 1000mm

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Head in bi-material in anti-noise rubber ad high resistence heat

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Flaps in flexible non-breaking rubber

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Flow over 1800 kg

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The simplicity of the self-leveling base

The use of the support King with self-leveling base offers a great versatility: it allows you to contrast the slopes of the laying surface up to 5% without resorting to additional compensators. Furthermore, the articulated base it allows to keep the center of gravity of the support always at the center of the base, for the best stability of the revêtement.

King Benefits

The stability of the fixed base

King is the first support in the world with a Patented Converter system to switch the fixed to self-leveling base. To configure support KING in fixed mode, from the free position, just position the pins of the base in correspondence with the appropriate seats and push the screw into the base until it locks.

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