Power Key

The research and development department of DPS Solving has developed a new adjustment key, made of highly torsion-resistant steel, which enriches the line Tools.

Power Key it is ergonomic, versatile, comfortable to use. It features a performing graft seamless, obtained with a single turning during the production phase.

Power Key is a tool designed to record all the adjustable supports of the line DPS Solving and ensures extreme practicality in all requirements of use, both in the center of the flooring and for use near the wall. Power KeyIn fact, it is made up of two elements: the sliding handle and the flat cut coupling:

  • The handle, sliding in the bar, can be used both in symmetrical position in T in that asymmetrical L-shaped position - facilitating adjustment even where the movement space for the operator is limited, for example near walls or corners.
  • The flat cut graft, fits into the handle - to which it is secured by means of an adjustable lateral grain - thus creating a single body.

The two-element configuration delivers great practicality of use and an extreme ease of replacement of the coupling, in case of wear, simply by unscrewing the side grain. Furthermore, the graft è compatible and usable with electric and manual screwdrivers, both for snap couplings and for self-locking conical ones (use with chuck).




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