Raised floor up to 1m for the Sirmione Hotel

Project: Hotel Sirmione
Type of surgery (surface and characteristics): Realization of raised external terraces
Raised floor supports: King K3 and K4 e King-Klip Wall + King K9 with 6 additional extensions for raised whirlpool baths
Coating of the revêtement: 60x60cm porcelain stoneware
Problems solved with King: height for access to the hot tubs, distance from the perimeter sides

Nothing is impossible with supports King! Spectacular level whirlpool tubs inserted in the raised floor, overlooking the lake.

The Sirmione hotel, overlooking the suggestive setting of Lake Garda, welcomes guests from all over the world every year to visit the scenic wonders of the place.

The renovation of the terrace on the roof of the hotel, from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the lake, has provided for the creation of a large solarium area for guests to relax, suitable for comfortably accommodating deckchairs and sun loungers. In addition to the main terrace of about 150 square meters, the project also included the construction of a smaller area, about 25 square meters, intended for the installation of two whirlpool tubs 1,20m high. For this work it was decided to adopt the solution with raised revêtement, both for the solarium area and for the edge of the pools, which had the obvious need to raise the walking surface by more than 1 meter from the laying surface.

The challenge for ours supports King was to provide stable and secure access to the tubs, avoiding guests having to climb over the edge or using uncomfortable external steps that would have constituted a potential risk.

KING and the raised floor up to 1m for the Sirmione Hotel

The use of supports KING K9 with the help of 6 additional extensions, it has made it possible to easily reach the height of 1m, functional for housing the pools. The 60x60cm porcelain stoneware plates were laid on the supports, chosen to cover the entire raised area, to which the SHOCK membrane had previously been applied.

la Shock membrane applied under the ceramics, it is specially designed for avoid the dispersion of splinters in case of accidental breakage due to the fall of heavy bodies on the plates.

Given the peculiarity of the project, to make the walking surface even more secure, it was decided to use a texture of aluminum joists Rail laid at a distance of 30 cm from each other, so as to provide an intermediate point of support to each plate, combined with the use of the pair of Specular hooks positioned on the head of the upper support. Additional joists were also used, linked to each other crosswise under the main structure in order to create one double support frame to the revêtement.

KING and the raised floor up to 1m for the Sirmione Hotel

As for the main terrace, supports were used KING K3 and K4, which made it possible to raise the revêtement by about 10 cm, easily correcting the unevenness of the substrate. The 60x60cm porcelain stoneware plates were placed on the supports.

Finally, to obtain the optimal distance of 1 cm between the line of the perimeter plates and the parapets, the KLIP WALL greatly facilitating the work of the operators.

KING and the raised floor up to 1m for the Sirmione Hotel



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