LUCKY: the compensator for different leveling needs

Lucky is the exclusive compensator in TPE proposed by DPS Solving within the collection Tools, designed to solve different leveling needs.

Lucky it is made up of 4 petals gathered around a central attachment point, easily fractured if necessary. It consists of two pairs of petals in two different thicknesses: 2,5 mm and 1,5 mm, which can be added together. The petals of Luckythanks to their particular shape, they can be used both above the head and under the base of the supports.

Lucky positioned under the base of the supports for raised floors

Lucky it is used under the base of the supports in the case of an irregular laying surface: in this way the single petal or the sum of several petals compensate the slopes in favor of the bubble of the revêtement.

Lucky positioned over the head of the supports

The use over the head it is indicated when it is necessary to compensate for the unevenness of non-rectified cladding surfaces such as natural stone; also in this case it is possible to add the petals and obtain different thicknesses.

The properties of the compensator Lucky

Lucky is produced in high quality TPE, which also allows it to perform the anti-noise and anti-slip functions, offering high ductility and resistance for a perfect flatness.

Lucky it is ideal to be combined with fixed supports such as Lord, or even with self-leveling supports when the slopes of the substrate exceed the maximum slope that can be compensated by the self-leveling element of the specific support.

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