Lord: modular system for low thickness superelevation

Lord 01

Lord is the new proposal DPS Flooring of support with very low thickness and with fixed matrix, for raising outdoor flooring starting from 8 mm.

Lord it is made up of only two components, base and head, produced in polypropylene with very high quality molding technology.

Original ideas in mind

The head in bi-matter it is made by alternating polypropylene inserts of thermoplastic rubber, to comfortably accommodate the ceramic and perform an anti-slip and anti-noise function.

The head of Lord it is equipped with the triple fin system in polypropylene, pre-cut for easy removal.

Depending on the thickness of the joint to be made, the fins with a higher thickness are removed simply and quickly, without using tools. If you want to create 4 mm joints, the support is ready for use.

The exclusive system of triple fins therefore makes it possible to meet all installation needs with a single type of head, without variables related to the width of the joint. This allows to optimize warehouse stocks and procurement phases.

Basic ductility

The basis of Lord is made of TPE thermoplastic elastomer material, an exclusive polypropylene rich in elastenes, able to offer both properties of high resistance to heat and thermal excursions, and a high resistance to footfall and continuous load stresses (CC), with perfect adaptability to all types of substrates.

The support Lord it is resistant, insensitive to temperatures and the effects of aging, capable of supporting heavy weights and at the same time it is an unparalleled solution for renovations and in cases where it is essential to raise floors at very low altitudes.

Lord Quad setting

Big results in small steps

To increase the thickness of the head by Lord 8 mm, it is sufficient to overlap one or more bases, with a rotation angle of 45 ° in order to allow the elements to be interlocked. overlapping is recommended up to a maximum of 3 bases, for higher heights it is recommended to use supports Junior J2 or Queen Q1.

In the absence of bases it is possible to overlap two heads, to reach a thickness of 16 mm.

Pulse dampeners Lucky: lucky to have themLuckyLord 01 QUAD

If it is necessary to compensate for slopes or irregularities of the laying surface, the exclusive is used tools Lucky in TPE, with an original four-leaf clover shape: the 2 pairs of petals of 1,5 and 2,5mm respectively, which can be added together and used both above the head and under the base of the supports as appropriate:

  • It is used under the base in case an irregular laying surface has to be compensated, in favor of the leveling of the revêtement.
  • It is used over the head of Lord, by placing one or more petals between the fins, to compensate for any irregularities in the lower surface of natural stone flooring.



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