Is the laying of the planks and multi-format ceramics on the raised floor a puzzle? Discover the simplicity of TLIX!

TLIX is the exclusive Tools di Dps Solving Flooring Division for the connection of the understructure of raised floors that will simplify your work, giving space to the freedom of realization.

TLIX is a universal joint in patented polypropylene, able to connect the aluminum joists of the understructure in any position for the installation of raised floors with multi-format planks and ceramics.

TLIX, in fact, it is able to join the joists in line, cross, L and T, securing them together in order to create a stable frame.


Its extreme versatility allows you to create infinite combinations, without any constraints or limits in the positioning of ceramic elements of different sizes. The multi-format plates and planks will always find the correct support on the understructure, appropriately configured.

TLIX amb02 IT

TLIX è available in two sizes (with mouth 50 × 25 mm or 60 × 30 mm) and allows you to create a frame of joists perfectly spaced and distributed. TLIX it allows, in fact, to realize any type of intersection or connection, allowing to manage the geometry of the metallic understructure in total freedom. Also TLIX it is ideal for space joists with a steady pace, speeding up operations, with a sure result. In this way you are totally free to configure the warping of the understructure that best suits the format of the plates, whether they are all the same or multi-format.

TLIX makes the installation of raised floors with plank or multi-format slab cladding quick and easy.

Once configured the aluminum understructure thanks to the joints TLIX, the subsequent laying of the multi-format coating over the joists will prove to be really quick, stable and safe.




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