The double functionality of Artè Felt: anti-glare soundproofing panels

Artè Felt is the new line of panels of the collection Artè, ideal for creating acoustically comfortable and aesthetically pleasing indoor environments.  Artè Felt responds with a single solution to two types of different problems: in fact the big news is in the double functionality of the panels. On one side Artè Felt plays a function correction of acoustic reverb as well as aesthetics of elegant cladding for the walls, on the other hand the product presents soundproofing properties that allow you to protect the rooms from airborne noises coming from contiguous environments.

THEsound absorbing core of the panels Artè Felt is made with an exclusive high density polyester fiber with a compact thickness of 7 mm and covered on the visible side with Trevira CS fabric. On the other side, the panel is coupled with a visco-elastic membrane with soundproofing properties, capable of acoustically insulating from airborne noises coming from adjacent rooms.

Artè Felt was chosen by a Bolognese company to solve the acoustic problems of the own offices. The challenge consisted in the restructuring of the working environments, where operational and executive offices were separated by simple equipped walls and afflicted by annoying reverberations and widespread noise due to the different activities.

The consultants of the DPS Solving intervened by analyzing, through a careful inspection, the characteristics of the premises and the acoustic problems. Once the phonometric measurements have been carried out, the technicians of DPS Solving Acoustics Division developed the design of the acoustic correction system - based on the analysis of the results of the phonometric test - which provided for the use of panels Artè Felt. About 100 square meters of Arté Felt panels were installed on the dividing walls of the two rooms, custom configured and designed for the specific geometries of the walls, covered with an elegant dove-gray Trevira CS fabric upholstery.

Once the work is completed, the offices have a completely new look and are appreciated for their excellent acoustic comfort, free from annoying reverberations and for the perfect insulation that protects the privacy between one room and another.



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