The supports King they elevate the stoneware revêtement of the external area and pool level of a villa in Slovenia

The images of this intervention tell a story of high technicality, effective solutions, safety in walkability, elegance of every detail. For the outdoor space surrounding the swimming pool of the private residence built in Slovenia, a multi-level raised revêtement was designed with the solutions King e Tools of Dps Solving.

Solutions from the collection were chosen for this elegant outdoor area and poolside of a private villa DPS Solving to create a multi-level raised revêtement, which would allow comfortable and safe access to the pool floor and at the same time the invisibility of the systems, which can always be inspected, which pass under the revêtement.

All models in the range were used King from K1 to K5 to cover a wide range of superelevation heights. The supports King In fact, they allow you to work with extensions from 30 mm up to over 1000 mm.

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For the revêtement a 60 x 100 cm stoneware covering was chosen, resting on the head in bi-material of the supports King. The anti-breaking rubber fins on the head of KING facilitate the laying and positioning of the plates, which find a comfortable support on the large surface of the head.

The steps were completed with the use of the Klip system in its entirety: the Klip up and Downs fixed under the base and above the head of the supports, they bite the riser plate and prevent the sliding of the tread plate of the step.

Project sheet:

Intervention: Realization of the revêtement of the external area and of the swimming pool edge of a villa in Slovenia

Paved surface: about 700 sqm
Revêtement coating: Stoneware plates 60 × 100 cm
Products used: King K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, KLip, Pad, adjustment keyKEY and handles TAKE
Supply detail: K1: 184 pcs - K2: 428 pcs - K3: 601 pcs - K4: 898 pcs - K5: 40 pcs - PAD: 371 pcs - KLIP UP: Slovenia 1 Slovenia 2Slovenia 3 Slovenia 3



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