For the elevated floors of a residence in Lugano, Architec Suisse in Geneva chose the supports KING

To create the flooring of the terraces of a 5-storey residence overlooking the shores of Lake Lugano, the owner of the installation company Architec Suisse of Geneva chose i supports KING. In fact, Mr. Nicola Giudice is a convinced supporter of floating floor technology as a long-lasting, effective and practical solution for the construction of outdoor floors and since its launch on the market, he has used the solutions of DPS Solving.

The supports K700, K3 and K100 of the line King. On the head of the supports King, suitably positioned, the pairs of polypropylene adapters have been interlocked King Krone, ideal for creating a practical track within which the aluminum joists of the understructure are housed, functional to the installation of the revêtement.

The floor covering is made of teak-colored PVC slats, giving an elegant wood effect that enhances the aesthetics of the whole.

The supports King - with self-leveling base, which can also be used in fixed mode thanks to the exclusive Converter technology - allows you to facilitate and speed up the installation, operating without the need for compensators to level the slopes of the substrate and obtain an always planar revêtement. Furthermore i Tools that complete the DPS range, offer practical and effective solutions for all installation needs and with all types of revêtement.

Finally, the floating floor solution is appreciated for its durability over time that does not fear thermal shocks or detachments since it works in simple support, the cleaning of the work and the finished work, in addition to the practicality of the space for the passage of the systems and the they can always be inspected.

Lugano2 Lugano3 Lugano4

Project sheet:

Intervention: Realization of the revêtement of the external terraces of an accommodation facility on Lake Lugano (Switzerland)
Paved surface: about 700 sqm
Realization: Architec Suisse di
Revêtement coating: PVC slats
Products used: King K2, King K3, King K4, King Krone



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