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NEWS KING Oct 2019

The technicality of King reigns at Cersaie 2019

The 2019 edition of Cersaie, the international Ceramics Exhibition, has come to an end, the echo of the success of the support KING continues to be felt. King celebrated the his second birthday, showing up with an entire royal family. Lots of news, new arrivals that expand the range, accessories, the details, the completion solutions but above all, the technicality of the Media Converter technology still attracts the attention of the market KING.

KING® is the first and still the only support in the world with a self-leveling base and a bi-material head that can also be used in a fixed base mode: thanks to the Converter system you can switch the functionality of King with a simple twist, without any additional accessories. This allows you to literally halve the stock of retailers and warehouses, simplifying management and saving space.

KING® is made up of a single element, for a complete solution without the need to resort to a boundless range of accessories, completion products and additional elements, shims and compensators.

Available in 5 sizes, the range KING® easily reaches 1000 mm in height. The support KING® presents a bi-material head with the largest diameter compared to standard bi-material heads available on the market. The head produced in the highest quality materials is coated with an exclusive black rubber that gives an elegant effect of invisibility of the support under the joints of the revêtement.

Thanks to articulated base and the use of a practical tuning tool, the support KING® makes it possible to create perfectly flat elevated floors, even in the presence of substrates with varying slopes, compensating for unevenness of the laying surface up to 5%. The practical and robust registration key it can be used on both sides and allows the adjustment of the supports in total safety, even when the floor is completely laid, without having to remove the plates.

Cersaie was once again opportunity to present from I live to professionals, installers and individuals, the exclusive features and advantages of this revolutionary support, as well as being able to accompany our guests through a immersive multimedia and virtual path, full of ideas and suggestions.

Happy birthday KING!



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