KING at the fair at Marmomac 2017: sharing solidity, enhancing versatility

What do marble claddings and supports have in common? KING for raised floors? Solidity, durability, longevity. How do they match? With maximum versatility, that the technicality of KING offers the raised access market with completely original, exclusive and unparalleled solutions in the panorama of supports available on the market.

KING was presented at the marmomac in Verona last September, meeting a favor from the experts that went beyond all expectations. KING is the first support for raised outdoor floors with a self-leveling base, the only one with a Converter system that allows you to switch from a fixed option to self-leveling, the only one with anti-breaking flexible rubber flaps and the only one to be guaranteed 5 years.

The support KING® also presents a bi-material head with the largest diameter compared to standard bi-material heads available on the market. The head produced in the highest quality materials is coated with an exclusive black rubber that gives an elegant effect of invisibility of the support under the joints of the revêtement.

A sea of ​​uniqueness that is the bearer of sophisticated technology, of freedom of designing innovative and original aesthetic solutions, of extreme simplification in error-proof installation, of manageability and safety in the application phases, with measures that make the resolution of Every detail.

Marmomac was for KING a fascinating stage, full of stimuli and encounters, with a varied, international, demanding audience, attentive to design and innovation. Marmomac is in fact the show that brings together the excellence of the marble, granite and natural stone sector, from the extraction, processing, sale of materials and finished products, which once again this year hosted over 1600 exhibitors from more from 50 different countries.

KING at Marmomac he dealt with stimulating and varied realities and needs, proving the far-sightedness of his design and the effectiveness of the solutions proposed. King it is a unique support in the world, completely original and versatile, able to support in the best way any type of floor covering for raised floors, flawless in any situation.



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