KING guest of the Stone City Open Day: the world of stone supported by a new point of view

Expo STONE CITY was born from an original idea of ​​Granulati Zandobbio SpA as the largest lithological park in Europe, a permanent exhibition of stone products and materials for outdoor furniture developed on an area of ​​5.000 square meters in the municipality of Bolgare (BG).

STONE CITY it is the opportunity for an experiential and sensorial journey immersed in the world of stone, to be discovered and rediscovered through ideas and references mitological, historical, architectural and artistic. The park features 24 gardens, 9 thematic areas, 100 monoliths, spaces of suggestion and inspiration enriched by the fluidity of water, the dynamism and embodiment of light, which caress and vitalize the materiality of the stone, in a path that becomes experience, knowledge , inspiration, exploration, cultural and professional enrichment.

STONE CITY it is the place and the original way to present the best stone solutions for outdoor furniture to the operators of the sector, inserted in a real and immersive context. Always open and receptive to industry news, Stone City offers countless ideas to enrich any type of open space with natural stones.

Periodically Granulati Zandobbio opens the doors of Stone City with Open Days aimed at professionals, anyone interestedcupto the design of greenery and exteriors. During the last of these events in chronological order, STONE CITY was hosted KING, the first support for raised outdoor floors with a self-leveling base, with a 5-year guarantee and an absolutely exclusive patent. In this suggestive context KING has proposed to the stone cladding market its very high and numerous technical features that make it a unique product in the reference market.

Indeed KING it is the only support in the world with the self-leveling base, the only one, thanks to the Converter system, which can switch from self-leveling to fixed mode, and still the only one in the world with new and exclusive details such as the head fins in flexible anti-breaking rubber which are indestructible even in the event of sliding of heavy materials such as stone during installation or inspection.

Great support from operators was found for the support setup tool KING, which allows you to adjust the inclination of the support in total safety, effortlessly even when the floor is completely laid without the need to remove the plates. Great versatility, easy laying operations for perfectly flat floors, even in the presence of substrates with varying slopes: the advantages of KING to create raised stone floors, they eliminate all the difficulties commonly encountered by installers, offering technically effective, practical, definitive and convenient solutions.

And when it comes to durable coatings such as stone, the support cannot be outdone: KING is the only support in the world to offer one 5 YEAR WARRANTY on the product.




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