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Junior is the support with a very low thickness adjustable at very low thickness, the only one with self-leveling basis e bi- material head, created to raise outdoor flooring from 12 mm up to 30 mm, correcting the slope up to 1,5% without resorting to compensators. Junior it becomes decisive in renovations, where the constraints of the thresholds limit the range of action of the other supports.

The self-leveling base allows you to work without the aid of extensions or slope compensators, correcting unevenness up to 1,5%. The case of greater slopes to be compensated for can be combined with Lucky, the exclusive Tools of the collection DPS Flooring. Lucky is the compensator produced in TPE, thermoplastic rubber, formed by 2 pairs of petals respectively of 1,5 and 2,5 mm, which can be added together.

be adjusted in height, the support Junior benefits from the movement of the screw that slides between the head and the self-leveling base: the thread is therefore free from constraints because it slides on the base of the support that acts as a spacer: this allows easy use of the adjustment key, greatly facilitating the management of leveling even on the laid floor.

Junior is available in three formats:

  • J1 with a height starting from 12 mm and extendable up to 18 mm
  • J2 with a height starting from 18 mm and extendable up to 24 mm
  • J3 with a height starting from 24 mm and extendable up to 30 mm

Junior it has a bi-material head, wider than the low thickness supports available on the market. The head of the stand Junior it is produced with the highest quality materials, resistant to thermal changes, heat and the effects of time, and it is coated in anti-noise rubber. The black color of the covering makes the support invisible under the joints of the revêtement.

The four flexible fins in anti-breaking rubber, they facilitate the laying of the plates and their correct positioning; they are easy to remove, if necessary, with a simple cutter and in case of removal of the revêtement they do not run the risk of being damaged as they are impact resistant.

The base is flexible to adapt to any roughness and irregularities of the substrate

Junior offers designers, operators and specialists one long-lasting, durable, absolutely reliable solution in time, with 5 YEAR WARRANTY.




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