The sound-absorbing curtains Artè: furnishing comfort

The range of solutions for sound absorption Artè is enriched with acoustic fabrics for curtains.

Discrete, refined and elegant, the curtains express the concept of furniture and perform their functionality without attracting attention. Curtains have always been used to darken or filter light, protect the privacy of the rooms, isolate or divide a very large space. Today, however, curtains can go further and additionally perform new functions, such as making a room acoustically comfortable.

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The sound-absorbing curtains Artè are born from a simple but revolutionary idea: combining artisan skills with the technical materials of DPS SOLVING, a traditional piece of furniture such as curtains becomes "performance", with specific acoustic and technical performance, tested and verified.

Sound absorption, or sound absorption, is the ability of a material to absorb sound energy. An element that is not only porous but also flexible increases the dissipation of sound energy as its surface is vibrated.

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The sound-absorbing curtains Artè allow you to effectively acoustically correct the reverberation that commonly occurs in very large and / or crowded indoor environments, in order to obtain the best sensation of acoustic comfort. Furthermore, all Arté curtains are fire resistant.

The curtains Artè they are available in 13 fabric variants, with varied weights and heights and a wide range of colors. The curtains can also be made with standard, wave, fixed pleats, rings, loops or panels.

Elegant rails, technical or deluxe, complete the range of proposals for the assembly of tents.

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