The supports KING for the external revêtement of the FAB di Fiandre showroom in Castellarano (RE)

FAB, acronym for Fiandre Architectural Bureau, is the new multifunctional exhibition space in Fiandre, built at the corporate headquarters in Castellarano (RE), on the top floor of the building that houses the headquarters, warehouse and factory.

The restyling project of the exhibition space - entrusted to Iosa Ghini Associati Srl and carried out by Granitech - the technical structure of the Iris Ceramica group holding, had the task of redefining the exhibition concept in an original and contemporary style. The new space was conceived to effectively communicate the brand and to enter into relationships with multiple interlocutors, such as designers, architects, planners and design professionals, becoming the ideal location for cultural initiatives and events in which ceramic products provide an evocative setting.

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[one] The new renovated spaces welcome the public with an expressiveness and aesthetic refinement that reinforce the identity of the brand and allow the product to be shown in all its applications. The restyling involved both the internal spaces of the FAB and the external area, with a surprising transformation of the external square into a real open-air showroom; a large circular square dedicated to the outdoor solutions of Fiandre, Porcelaingres, another brand of the group, used in raised floors and ventilated facades, the latter made with exclusive Granitech systems. [/ one]


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[one] For the realization of the pedestrian revêtement of the external square, on an area of ​​about 3.800 square meters, the raised access technology, choosing the high quality and reliability of the supports KING di DPS Flooring. [/ one]


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[one] The laying of the raised floor with supports KING

The intervention started with the removal of about 20 cm of the old screed, considerably lightening the loads acting on the structures, and of the old ineffective layers of sheaths, replaced by a new single-layer sheath.

The circular driveway area was then created, with the related curbs made on site. The supports for raised floors have been positioned in continuity with it KING, selected in the different models from K1 to K7, to cover the whole range of elevation foreseen by the project, from a minimum of 6 cm to a maximum of 40 cm in height of the finished surface with respect to the laying surface.

The range of supports KING in fact, thanks to the extension of the height-adjustable supports, it meets the need for elevation from 30 mm up to over 1000 mm.

King it is the only support in the world with a self-leveling base and bi-material head, which makes it possible to create perfectly flat floors, even with substrates with varying slopes, without the need for compensators. The supports KING they compensate the inclinations of the laying surface up to 5%. Thanks to the exclusive Converter technology the support KING it can also be used in fixed mode, switching its functionality with a simple gesture.

The articulated movement of the base of King, keeping the center of gravity of the weight always at the center of the base, ensures maximum stability of the revêtement even with heavier plates. Furthermore King is the only support in the world in polypropylene capable of exceeding 1800 kg of capacity. [/ one]

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[one] Unparalleled versatility for installation in complete freedom

One of the peculiarities of the project was the circular shape of the paved square, made by cutting the 120 × 60 slabs by hydrojet on site, with laying in circular sectors. Even with this original shape, the slabs found a comfortable and safe support on the bi-material head of the supports KING, which with its diameter of 130 mm offers a large support surface to the plates, ensuring optimal load distribution. The head of the supports KING it is equipped with extremely resistant flexible rubber fins that facilitate the positioning of the plates and a black thermoplastic rubber coating, which ensures an elegant effect of invisibility between the joints.

In the points of connection between revêtement slabs of different colors, the rail calendered aluminum profiles were used, combined with the accessory KING Specular hooked to the head of the supports KING, to create a practical metal substructure. This made it possible to disconnect the position of the supports when changing the laying pattern, giving ample freedom of action in the portion of revêtement with circular sectors. [/ One]

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[one] To protect the waterproofing layer, to offer high durability over time by coping with the stress of stresses and micro-movements that the revêtement transmits to the supports in operation, a separator sheet in PVC and the disc in polymer bitumen membrane PAD, of the line TOOLS di DPS Solving.

The same supports were also used for the construction of the dual-slope pedestrian ramps that characterize the access area near the entrance to the FAB. KING.


Project tab:

Project: elevated revêtement external area FAB Fiandre

Paved surface: sqm. 3.800 Approx

Supplies: 22.000 supports King sizes between K1 and K7

11.600 King Pad Ashlar 20 cm diameter

2.300 King Pad Ashlar 30 × 30

700 Pairs King Specular

Installation company: Granitech [/ one]





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