The supports KING and the rubber separator SKUDO raise a metal structure for photovoltaic panels

The details and photos of this project are a perfect example of the versatility of the products of gamma DPS Solving Flooring Division. The images refer to two distinct interventions: one on a residential roof in Battaglia Terme (PD), with sheath cover, while the other on a industrial roof in Brescia, with sheath cover.

In both cases, the combination of the two products DPS Solving allowed:

  • on the one hand, through i supports KING, to raise the metal structure for Omniablok photovoltaic systems;
  • on the other side, through the rubber separators SKUDO, to create a separating layer between the self-leveling base KING and coverage.

The use of the Omniablok structure has made it possible to secure the photovoltaic panels in a safe, practical and rapid manner, essential for guaranteeing a green and economic energy source for the buildings concerned.


The union of the three elements, support KING, separator SKUDO and Omniablok structure, it turned out to be one winning choice, having amplified the benefits of each single element and having avoided la puncture of the covers of the two buildings.

The TPE rubber separator SKUDO allowed to maximize la protection of the cover mantlethus avoiding possible damage and consequent infiltrations.


Thanks to combination of the support KING and of the Omniablok structure, on the other hand, it was possible to guarantee a greater load distribution (essential for roofs with a layer of thermal insulation) and level the metal structure thanks to an easy and safe adjustment of the heights.


The construction of the two yards was carried out by the supplier of the Omniablok system, Omnia Spatial Structures Srl, which appreciated the versatility e ductility of the products of gamma DPS Solving, which have proved to be perfect allies for the success of the projects.


Intervention: Construction of two metal structures to support the photovoltaic system

Surface covered: M 1002 (residential roof) + 760 m2 (industrial roof)

Project: Omnia Spatial Structures Srl

Coating: Metal structure for photovoltaic panels

Products used: support KING and TPE rubber separator SKUDO



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