Dpsfloor presents King at cersaie 2017

Alberto Cocco, CEO of DPS Floor, previewed the support at Cersaie 2017 KING, born from an ambitious project and a new vision of the needs of the outdoor raised access market. Interviewed by Archiproducts, Alberto Cocco illustrates the concentration of technicality and effectiveness contained in the system KING.

Dps Floor is an innovative start-up born from the ambition to respond in a complete, timely, unique and original way to all the critical issues and needs expressed by the reference market. Hence the conception of the support KING, born to be king. The technicians and researchers of DPS Floor have developed, enhanced and integrated in a single product, technological solutions of high added value that offer functional solutions to create elevated outdoor floors of the highest quality, safe, stable, easy to lay, to inspect or to to maintain.

The great innovation of KING it resides in the Converter system which allows you to switch the functionality of the support from fixed to self-leveling, according to your needs. In this way, the warehouse stocks are halved, leaving maximum freedom to the installers and without having to resort to additional accessories, completion products, additional elements and compensators for setting up the installation. King it is available in 5 sizes that offer the answer to all design and installation needs: thanks to its extreme versatility, it does not require the use of additional accessories.

Compared to all other media on the market, KING it also subverts the common way of thinking about a self-leveling support: in fact, unlike the solutions proposed by the market where the head is self-leveling, KING is the first support for raised outdoor floors with a self-leveling base. This allows perfectly level elevated floors to be created, even in the presence of substrates with varying slopes, compensating for unevenness in the laying surface up to 5 {8ec9a9cc2c1f0011986b9684a178f7e0ed0928cd7e843e9897f8b2009fe8ce2d}. The practical setup tool allows you to adjust the supports in total safety even when the floor has been laid.

Speaking of primates, one cannot fail to point out that KING is the first support for raised outdoor floors with of 5 years warranty it's a absolutely exclusive patent and unprecedented, combined with the highest quality molding.

All this expresses the maximum freedom that KING offers designers, who can dedicate themselves and concentrate on the aesthetics of the revêtement, choosing without limitation the cladding materials that best correspond to the architectural and design choices of their project: KING constitutes the functional tool to propose and offer to the final consumer the chosen aesthetics made in a workmanlike manner, solving with its technical features all the variables and problems of installation. KING it is therefore more captivating for designers, precisely because it avoids them having to think about the resolution of the details and criticalities of the installation. Relying on supports KING, the designers will have the privilege of exclusively taking care of the design of the revêtement with the certainty of an installation that will in any case be practical, simple, fast and safe.



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