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Dps Solving is the new Company Brand of DPS Floor, developed to express and give substance to the very rapid exponential growth underway and the expansion towards new production and commercial areas, which has led to an upgrade of the corporate identity.

Thus the two were born Business Unit: Dps Solving Flooring division & Dps Solving Acoustics division, each dedicated to giving advanced, effective and unique answers in specific reference sectors: the raised floor market for Flooring division with solutions KING, KING JUNIOR e KING TOOLS and the furniture, interior design and acoustic comfort sector for Acoustics division with the ARTÈ brand.

Evolution that follows change and growth

A path of constant growth such as that of the DPS company requires the support of strategies and actions naturally predisposed to change, to seize all the opportunities of this positive and dynamic trend.

An entrepreneurial vision open to the future has guided the company strategy towards important and constant investments in research, for the technological development of cutting-edge solutions capable of supporting the growing demand on the market, also anticipating customer trends and needs, with a turnover of almostcuplower than 2017.

The production capacity, also doubled in a few months, required the expansion of spaces and the hiring of staff in all departments. The growth of the two company poles, one purely productive and the other logistical, administrative and commercial, located respectively in Matelica in the province of Macerata and Cologna Veneta in the province of Verona, they go hand in hand in their implementation.

The new production site in Matelica, inaugurated in March 2019, has quadrupled its surface compared to the old site in Cerreto D’esi, with 1.500 square meters of covered area, designed and built to meet the needs of plastic molding, an area reserved for packaging, an elegant office building and a large open space for handling goods.

The logistic and commercial center of Cologna Veneta boasts a warehouse of 2.000 square meters for storage and over 1.500 square meters of outdoor area, from this location the commercial and communication strategies, investments and supply chain logics are decided for customers coming not only from Europe but also from the rest of the world, deliveries in northern Italy are increasingly handled by the internal fleet.
Important investments have been made for both sites for the adaptation of the structures and for the safety of workers.

Quality and attention to every detail

The methods of communication, commercial strategies, production technologies in DPS Solving they are extremely dynamic and constantly evolving: what does not change over time are the quality standards of raw materials and processed products and the safety standards of personnel, which the company does not compromise on.

Quality permeates the production and distribution process at all levels. As for example in the packaging standards, for which meticulous packaging procedures are followed: the boxes containing the products, as well as boasting a double structured wave, come from a rigid drying process and are treated against humidity, the use of pallets of first choice, of the extensible developed with nanotechnology, the corners on the 4 sides and the hoods against humidity, demonstrate without too much delay, all the attention that the company reserves towards its customers.

Whether we are talking about high-tech industrial productions such as the production line of KING or tailoring creations created with manual skill and painstaking care by the artisans of Artè, attention to quality and the value of Made in Italy are the business card of all advanced solutions DPS Solving.



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