Listening skills and prompt reactions: priority objectives in DPS Solving

The sharing and dissemination objectives

The corporate structure of Dps Solving it was developed and tailored to the customer's needs, with a well-defined communicative ambition, that is to express the high technicality of the products through clear and immediately understandable concepts even by non-experts. This dissemination objective has animated and conditioned the updating of our forthcoming catalogs and brochures, characterized by an ever greater simplicity of language based on visual immediacy and explanatory clarity.

Two of our key points are also speed and versatility: our streamlined and punctual commercial structure together with ad hoc management tools, offer customers a high speed of order entry and equally rapid order fulfillment, even with small batches. .

To dialogue, you need to know how to listen

All pre-sales and post-sales services are structured to create an uninterrupted dialogue with our customers, with targeted quotations and consultancy, customized orders, compliance with agreed delivery times also thanks to the internal fleet of carriers covering a large area. of the center-north.

In everything we do, our first thought is the well-being and satisfaction of our customers and not only that, we carecupWe also want to create solid relationships with our suppliers, vital for the success of our business, not to mention our collaborators, essential for the dissemination of our products. Our first objective is to make people feel at ease, to be listeners before speakers, to build a dynamic, heartfelt exchange that makes relating to us pleasant, useful and constructive for those in front of us. We also thought of our offices this way: structured to welcome, to be open to curious eyes, to make the passage or stay a pleasant experience.

The choice of raw materials of the highest quality, the guarantee offered on products, the continuous search for new solutions are important stimuli dictated precisely by the desire to offer the market more and more, so that the result of design, installation or the experience of use bring with them, respectively, certainties, safety and well-being.

DPS Solving AT CERSAIE 2019

We conclude with a quick nod to the next one participation of Dps Solving at CERSAIE 2019; for our company it is a real strategic project on a communicative and technical level. The Bolognese event offers us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to our public with all the scope of our technological arguments and the innovations developed during the year, thus becoming a real stage for the launch, exhibition and narration of the solutions developed today, proposed with the mind already oriented to the new challenges to be faced tomorrow.



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