2019: an effervescent year for the mezzanine and for DPS Solving

A decidedly positive balance for the two divisions of the company: Flooring and Acoustics

2020 started with an intense two-month period in which we immediately found the renewed commitment and passion needed by the whole team to face the challenges that await us in the coming months, starting from the respect of the commitments made last year with the punctual delivery of confirmed orders and quality after-sales service.

At this time of the year, after having "restarted the machine" following the short and now distant Christmas break, we are happy to take a look back to make a balance of the past year and understand where and how we need to commit our resources in the months to come.

2019 was certainly a productive year that saw both the division Flooring than that Acoustics achieve important results.

In Flooring, following a double increase in orders compared to 2018, we have increased the number of molds passing from 2 to 4 product lines, having also put the new supports into production Lord e Queen. The expansion of the family of supports joins that of the Tools where we have increased the offer, making available new precious tools useful to the installer to facilitate installation operations and to the designer to expand the possibilities of creative #design in the raised area.

The consequent request for new human resources to be employed both in production and in the commercial department was promptly addressed with a expansion of the workforce which brought the number of units currently occupied to 14cupate in DPS Solving, with a doubling of the workforce compared to 2018.

All this, together with the transfer of production to the new warehouse at the Macerata site, made it possible to quintuple the production capacity allowing us to carry out 3 production shifts in the periods of greatest demand. For 2020, we plan again to insert the third round at the time of greatest demand, i.e. between the end of May and October.

Among the #investments we made in 2019, communication activities have also borne fruit culminating with the Cersaie fair, where we received important acclaim and had the opportunity to broaden our horizons to new countries outside Europe, as well as to increase turnover in the areas where we are already present.

The new agreements and new partnerships signed in 2019 have undoubtedly given an important boost to company growth. Not to mention the world of #ceramics in which we had already established important collaborations with companies in the sector that have put our products in the catalog.

Translated in terms of turnover, we are talking about an increase of 100% compared to the previous year. In fact, we went from 1,3 million euros in 2018 to 2,4 million in 2019.

We are also very satisfied with the growth trend seen with the #Acoustics division. The Artè achieved excellent results in all sectors of application and in particular with distributors of office furniture materials.

The brand is proving to be very strong in France and Italy where we compete with the big names in the sector. In fact, in 2019 we gave life and successfully presented ours new line of acoustic curtains and we have conceived and produced new design forms for sound-absorbing panels, presenting them to the market with exclusive dedicated catalogs, extremely accurate in every detail.

Prospects for 2020?

This year we plan to push our foot on the accelerator again in terms of production capacity and mold fleet. In the commercial department, on the other hand, we aim to acquire new agents and distributors for build an increasingly widespread presence on the Italian territory and in European countries in which we are present, as we confidently look to the positioning challenge in more distant countries where we are already appearing like Australia and the United States.



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